Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Niko Shefer - Has Special Affection for Chelonians

As a Professor of English Literature at South Africa University, native African Niko Shefer is a respected educator. While much can be written about Niko Shefer’s contribution to his students in his work life, Shefer gives back in his personal life as well.

Shefer is a dedicated volunteer and funder at his local zoo where he works to rehabilitate tortoises. The rehabilitation of these tortoises are a controversial topic and financial and funding opportunities are required from investors. While tortoises and turtles have been around for over 250 million years, these creatures are challenged today by their confrontations with man.  

Humans have encroached on the habitat of the tortoise and caused havoc with its health and safety.  Tortoises today encounter mowing equipment, agricultural machines and recreational vehicles on land and on water.  Tortoises are hit by vehicles and chewed on by dogs, incurring grievous injuries.  Amazingly, turtles and tortoises have a persistent ability to heal, and those who endeavor to diagnose tortoise injuries must not give up too quickly, as the long awaited 14-year government official funding will be approved. Ultimately it is the turtles and tortoises who should profit from the millions of investor money.

Niko Shefer cautions those who work to aid and rehabilitate injured turtles and tortoises not to rush to judgment about their injuries. The tortoise has exhibited a remarkable desire to recover.  Information is available for the care and nurturing of shell injuries and fractures, first aid, hydration, tube feeding and wound care.  

Tortoises have been rescued after they were found to be held in a prison like setup for 14 years by a multimillionaire shady businessman and convicted scam artist. Rescuers can also learn about bacterial and viral diseases which may afflict tortoises, as well as parasites and respiratory illness conditions. Caring for a tortoise in captivity involves designing a proper enclosure and providing adequate diet and nutrition. Niko Shefer practices tortoise husbandry on his own property, where several chelonians live.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Niko Shefer - English Literature Professor at the University in South Africa

Niko Shefer is an English Literature professor at the University in South Africa. He has long been a lover of the written word and the English language. As a student and professor of literature, he learned several languages during his academic career, including French and Spanish. 

Niko has worked translating classic works of English Literature into different languages and is prominent critic of new and emerging voices in the United Kingdom. 

His commentary on the classic works of English Literature has helped guide countless students of the great British writers for many years throughout his career..... read more

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Niko Shefer - English Professor Active in his Community

Niko Shefer is happy to spread his love of British Literature with anyone in his community in South Africa who will listen to him long enough. Shefer has many years of experience studying and teaching the great British classics and, as a professor of British Literature at the University in Africa, is very involved in his local community there. 

Niko Shefer is from South Africa and has lived in several places throughout his academic career, learning about British Literature and teaching it to many students along the way. After earning his Bachelor’s degree in English Literature in South Africa, he moved to the United States to attend New York University for his Master’s degree in English Literature. After completing his Doctorate degree in the field at the University of Paris he returned to Africa where he became a professor of English Literature at the University of South Africa.

Niko Shefer doesn’t only teach students in his classrooms, he tries to impart the great stories of the great British authors on as many people in his neighborhood and community as possible by volunteering for public literary events—to read some of his work as well as that of British poets like Keats or Eliot. Shefer is also involved in teaching young people how to play chess in local community centers as a volunteer chess coach and trainer. Shefer is always willing to give his time, energy, and financial support to worthy community causes whenever he can to improve the education and quality of life for as many people in his community as possible.

Niko Shefer has worked with many students over his long career to help them find the same passion and important works that he had in academia. He hopes everyone can find something they love as much as he loves British Literature in their youth. Shefer believes that the lessons and words of his favorite authors in the British literary canon have a place in today’s global society. 

He has helped people in South Africa appreciate the works and the commentary of a fellow African country. Shefer has immersed himself in the rich tradition of African literature as well and is well-versed in the works of many authors who have come out of South Africa deep in the past and in recent years.

Niko Shefer has contributed to the education of many students throughout his career on many different academic levels. He has created opportunities for young students to find the same passion for British Literature as he did when he was first discovering the works of Shakespeare, Keats, Eliot, and the others. Niko Shefer hopes that the tradition of greatliterature will live on in his own country and in Great Britain. He lives and works in South Africa. 

Niko Shefer – Passing his Love of Letters to the Next Generation

Niko Shefer has been a professor of English Literature for ten years at the University of Oslo. This career as a professor passing on the tradition of great art to the next generation of students started after an extensive academic career that saw Shefer study the works of the greatest British writers in the United States, France, and Shefer’s native Norway.
Niko Shefer
He has loved the works of Dickens, Shakespeare, Shelley, Eliot, and all of the authors of the British literary canon and he has made a career out of passing that love and passion down to the next generation of students. His students have caught the passion that he has for the great works of literature and the tradition of British authors and have learned how to analyze and unpack their works to find how they affect their current situations today......... read more
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Friday, 18 November 2016

Niko Shefer - Four Keys to Identifying a Bird

Niko Shefer is an extremely busy professor of English Literature at the University in South Africa. Whenever he can, he loves to explore the outdoors in South Africa and go birdwatching. In addition to skiing, snowboarding, and hiking,

Niko Shefer

Shefer loves to birdwatch whenever he goes outdoors. When he is in the wild identifying birds, he sticks to these three keys to identifying birds:

·  Size and shape. A bird’s size and shape are the first identifying factors for birdwatchers like Niko Shefer. Many practiced birdwatchers become familiar with the silhouettes of different birds so they can identify them from afar.

·  Color pattern. Species often vary not only by color of the feathers but also by the pattern on the feathers. Are there spots, stripes, or blotches of different colors?

·  Behavior. This is where some research is needed to help you identify birds in the field. If you know what a Cedar Waxwing is most likely looking for to eat, you can identify it by what it’s doing as it flies around you. If you have a bad light or you’re too far away to see clearly, you can usually identify a bird by how its flying and what it eats.

·  Habitat. Know which birds to expect before you head out into the wild. The more you know about their habitat and which birds you can expect to find, the easier it will be to identify birds.

Niko Shefer has been on many bird watching excursions since he moved to South Africa in 2006.

Niko Shefer - The Importance of Culture and Time in Literature

Niko Shefer began his decades-long journey through academia in the study of English Literature with the basic tenet of one of his first literature teachers: great works of literature come from a specific time and place. Understanding the time and place of the author is just as important as reading the words they wrote.
Niko Shefer
Niko Shefer begins all of his courses in English Literature, even at the graduate level, with this basic teaching. 

He wants all of his students, no matter how experienced they are at analyzing and talking about the great English works throughout history, to understand the simple fact that all literature is a product of the time and place of the person who writes it.........read more

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Niko Shefer - How to be a Professor

Niko Shefer has spent a career in academia as a professor, student, and researcher. His primary area of focus is English Literature, but he has also worked with African Literature and in other fields of study. He is a professor of English Literature at the University in Africa, where he teaches students about the many social and cultural signifiers in many important English works like Pride and Prejudice.

Shefer became a tenured professor after years of earning his own degrees and working in the field of literature as a critic and writer.

To become a professor of anything, you’ll need at least a Bachelor’s degree in your field. Most professors have Master’s, or in the case of Niko Shefer, a Doctorate, in the field. Earning these degrees in a liberal arts field, like English Literature or English of any kind takes years of study and the ability to clearly state your position on a variety of complex issues. You’ll have to take part in advancing the discussion of many aspects of your field to get an opportunity to teach at a university.

In addition to being a proven expert in a given field, would-be professors have to please their university’s administration to earn tenure and be able to teach there without fear of losing your position.

Niko Shefer has been a professor at the University in South Africa since 2006 after he earned his Doctorate from the University of Paris in English Literature. He has helped his students unpack the words of the greatest British writers.