Sunday, 20 November 2016

Niko Shefer - English Professor Active in his Community

Niko Shefer is happy to spread his love of British Literature with anyone in his community in South Africa who will listen to him long enough. Shefer has many years of experience studying and teaching the great British classics and, as a professor of British Literature at the University in Africa, is very involved in his local community there. 

Niko Shefer is from South Africa and has lived in several places throughout his academic career, learning about British Literature and teaching it to many students along the way. After earning his Bachelor’s degree in English Literature in South Africa, he moved to the United States to attend New York University for his Master’s degree in English Literature. After completing his Doctorate degree in the field at the University of Paris he returned to Africa where he became a professor of English Literature at the University of South Africa.

Niko Shefer doesn’t only teach students in his classrooms, he tries to impart the great stories of the great British authors on as many people in his neighborhood and community as possible by volunteering for public literary events—to read some of his work as well as that of British poets like Keats or Eliot. Shefer is also involved in teaching young people how to play chess in local community centers as a volunteer chess coach and trainer. Shefer is always willing to give his time, energy, and financial support to worthy community causes whenever he can to improve the education and quality of life for as many people in his community as possible.

Niko Shefer has worked with many students over his long career to help them find the same passion and important works that he had in academia. He hopes everyone can find something they love as much as he loves British Literature in their youth. Shefer believes that the lessons and words of his favorite authors in the British literary canon have a place in today’s global society. 

He has helped people in South Africa appreciate the works and the commentary of a fellow African country. Shefer has immersed himself in the rich tradition of African literature as well and is well-versed in the works of many authors who have come out of South Africa deep in the past and in recent years.

Niko Shefer has contributed to the education of many students throughout his career on many different academic levels. He has created opportunities for young students to find the same passion for British Literature as he did when he was first discovering the works of Shakespeare, Keats, Eliot, and the others. Niko Shefer hopes that the tradition of greatliterature will live on in his own country and in Great Britain. He lives and works in South Africa. 

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